what is micro cheating

What is micro cheating

What is micro cheating you ask? Micro cheating is on the rise and it is devastating to relationships. If you are wondering what this is then you could already be in a micro cheating situation that you need to get out of to save your relationship.

Micro cheating is small acts that a person in a committed relationship can do with other people or alone that can lead to devastating results for their relationship.

It is important to take note of all of these things especially if you have found someone you truly love. You do not want to risk losing this person over silly distractions.

That is what micro cheating is most of the time; it is distractions that a person creates that ultimately lead to him/her breaking the heart of their loved one.

You need to know every form of micro cheating to make sure that you or your partner is not doing it. this is because micro cheating can be sneaky. Most of the time you will not be aware that you are doing it.

At the slightest feeling of being unappreciated by your partner, you can so easily drive yourself into the arms of another person to still feel wanted.

When it comes to micro cheating on social media, the intent needs to be considered

Liking your ex’s posts and commenting on his social media can be harmless if you two are still friends and if the posts are relevant to your friendship. It is micro cheating if the intent is to grab his attention in hopes that he will take notice of you.

You are also not allowed to like your ex’s picture just because you find him attractive in it. If you actually think about it. Such behavior could get you in trouble with the guy you are dating.

Social media is the fall of many relationships. To avoid this happening to your relationship, you need to ask yourself whether you would be comfortable if your partner were to see the things you are doing on your social media account.

Regularly visiting someone’s profile can be dangerous

Is your visiting of your ex-partner’s profile as innocent as you think? It is micro cheating when you look at the intent. Are you looking at his profile because you miss him and his profile is the only access you have to him?

This is not healthy, after all, you wouldn’t want your partner seeing you looking desperately at your ex and feeling jealous to see that your ex has moved on.

It is micro cheating if you are continually looking at his profile in hopes to actually rekindle the relationship you had with him.

You could also like your ex’s posts hoping that he notices and gets in contact with you. This too is micro cheating because you do it behind your current partner’s back and it stands to break the two of you apart.

Dating websites can be dangerous players in the game

Dating websites are a gift to the dating game. You probably even met your partner through a dating website. I can already see you asking how this comes into the picture of micro cheating.

Well, it is micro cheating if once you establish a relationship through dating websites you do not delete your profile and remain active there.

I can even say that even if you are not active, it is disrespectful to your partner to have a profile and a picture on a website for those looking for love. After all your partner thinks you have found this love in him/her.

Micro cheating isn’t usually physical, but it could be in the real world

The limits of micro cheating go beyond just social media, it can also happen in the real world. Yes, it is often done through social media but it can happen in real life in the form of giving attention to people outside of your relationship.

You will probably think “oh dear, I do that with…” when I give you the next points. This will show you that your relationships with these people are not healthy for your relationship with your partner.

Putting more effort into your physical appearance

because you know someone, in particular, will see you
Do you find yourself stressing about what you will wear to an event your partner will not even be at? Ask yourself who you are trying to impress so badly with your looks. It is micro cheating if you pay close attention to what you wear when you are going to be with this person.

It is worse if you never put in this effort when you are going out with the person you are in a relationship with.

He may not be saying anything but he notices the effort you put in when you go meet this guy or are going to a place where this guy will be. And it hurts him.

This is a behavior you need to avoid if you have hope of keeping your relationship alive.

Withholding information from your partner

Withholding information can be tricky, it is micro cheating if you, for example, go out with your friends for drinks and there are guys there but you do not mention this to your boyfriend or husband.

You may think you are doing this for his own benefit but really you are doing it for yourself. Even if you don’t want him to get upset, you could have easily told him in the beginning that there will be guys there and hope that he will be okay with it.

Micro cheating is cancer to a relationship because it leads to people doubting themselves within the relationships they are in all because of phantom relationships that their partners form with others.

If you truly love the person you are with, avoid playing games and be honest with him. Leave your heart open for him to know where he stands with you at all times. This kind of security will make him love you even more.

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