Should I Block My Ex? When to Block My Ex

Should I Block My Ex? You should be wondering how you are going to make it through your separation! Having your ex virtually close to you may create an uneasy anxiety-ridden environment that can make your life difficult.

It’s a dilemma thinking through how to thrive from a post-breakup. You may wonder how you can handle the split up when your ex is one click away? After all, you are expected not to sneak a peek.

Its natural to want your ex-back. most especially when you spent such a massive chunk of life together; now he wants to cut you off from his life.

Blocking your ex after the breakup may not be that simple when both of you were a good match. Your relationship failed to work because one of you wasn’t mature enough!

Blocking your ex could be the next best option and inevitable due to the circumstances of your breakup. It could be your way out to an excellent post-breakup to help you get over your ex.

Circumstances that may lead to blocking your ex;

Deciding to block your ex is for your well-being and inner peace. If you feel blocking your ex will help you get over the relationship faster, then go ahead and do it. Because your happiness should come first. Below is a list of reasons why people cut ties with their ex.

Your ex needs closure.

If you decide to end things between you and your ex-partner. Stop and ask what your relationship means to you. If you feel the relationship isn’t right for you and the breakup is not affecting you. go and block him.

But if your ex isn’t lucky and seems so hurt. And he keeps on reaching out to you frequently, he calls you, texts you to keep close to you.

Tell your ex firmly that there is no chance for the two of you getting back together. If they insist, go ahead and block them. Once you stop him, you are indirectly communicating to them that there is no chance for the two of you anymore.

You want closure.

When your relationship is breaking up, there may seem little or no contact between you and your ex. But then you can’t stop thinking about your ex, and you want to text badly to say how you miss your ex.

You might know it’s over but wondering what went wrong to your relationship not working out. The memories may still haunt you, causing your failure to distance yourself from your ex.

When you realize you are going this direction, it’s best to block your ex because they could have already moved on. Whenever you try to get closer again, you indulge the pain in you.

Your ex is toxic.

After a breakup, your ex is most likely to take off the mask and indeed reveal their abusive and controlling behavior. It happens because your ex feels hurt and may want you back.

You may know your ex’s behavior is very damaging to you but still ignore it. You could be thinking your ex is still the charming older person you once met years ago. He/she may not process the separation very efficiently and hence try to retaliate with evil actions towards you.

Once you feel your ex is starting to become wired, like sending you threatening messages, it wise you block them before the situation worsens.

Your ex is pulling your heartstrings.

Some exes are so daring after the breakup, trying to hurt you more and show you they’ve moved on and are happy. They might also try to show you their new relationship to prove they are happy without you.

Doing this is your ex’s best way to tell you they are already over you. However, you might not be over them yet. So if you feel he is hurting your feelings a lot, you need to block them from going through the healing process.

You were the most affected.

Most times, blocking your ex shows that you were the one most affected by the loss and perhaps you were more emotionally invested in that relationship. Maybe your ex supposedly came out of the separation pretty okay, but you haven’t.

Your ex won the invisible war of emotions; this is not okay with you and doesn’t make sense because you are the one who lost! If you don’t feel comfortable and blocking your ex will make you satisfied, then go ahead.

Blocking your ex will help your healing process.

If you had a relationship where most of the fault was with your ex-partner, you need to think and remind yourself of your ex hurt and caused pain to you.

Deep down, you feel that blocking your ex will help you get over the relationship’s pain and heal smoothly without hearing from them or seeing them.

Avoid the breakup-back together cycle.

After their breakup might try getting back together, yet in the real sense, their bad times outweigh the good ones when they are together.

The best thing to do is block your ex because you may not want to get back to the relationship, which doesn’t bring happiness to you.

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Should I block my ex on Social Media?

Once you’ve called, it quits that deciding whether to remove your ex from your life can ultimately be the best move. Your ex might be all over your Facebook, Instagram and the decision to distance yourself from them varies based on the breakup.

Blocking your ex on social media may make you feel better and help you not have constant reminders of your ex. If you want to move on as fast as possible, then blocking is the first option, then moving them from your feed could help you accomplish the moving on quickly.

Your ex might be abusive after the breakup and try to use your social media to get back at you. Hence doing away with your ex is the best option.

Your ex may start tagging you on harmful story posts of breakups, writing onto your Facebook inappropriately. Of which you might not like hence feeling the need to unfollow and block them.

How to block your ex on social media?


You can unfollow your ex in your news feed and hide your posts that they can no longer view them and will not have access to whatever you write about or post.


You can stop interacting with them by not liking or commenting, and their social service will stop showing their content.

You can always mute your ex’s stories so that they do not appear to your feed. Your ex might try to make you jealous by posting pictures of the new relationship, which might not make you feel very well.

The only way to get over through your post-breakup is to completely erase him from all channels he could go through to either keep you close or hurt you.

Your absence is a lot more powerful than you know, especially if you want your ex back. It’s your best shot and shows your self-respect by not trying to keep in your circles.

Your ex will never have the chance to stalk you. Since he has no access to all your social media platforms. He would not be able to look you up and view your latest life updates. And so do you. You do not have to worry whether your ex will see your new partner. Rest assured he will no try to come back to you or try to destroy your relationship.

So it’s best to block your ex on social media. Mostly especially if your breakup was wrong and you do not want anything to do with him. And or do not intend to get back with him.

If you do not wish to see what’s going down with your ex as well. Then it is wise to unfollow them so that you can have peace of mind and forget all about them.

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How long after breaking up should I block my ex?

Knowing how long you have to take to block your ex depends on how bad your breakup was. Otherwise, the blocking option may not be required.

 If your ex accepted the breakup and processed it healthily, you may not have to block them because keeping in touch may not affect you.

There might be no particular time to choose to block their ex depending on the prevailing circumstances that led to the separation. So the question on how long to stop depends on whether the breakup was good or bad:


The breakup was awful and abusive.

You might have to consider blocking your ex right away if your breakup was terrible. If you do not stop your ex immediately, try to come back to you and cause more pain.

So go ahead and block them with no hesitation to avoid any adverse consequences resulting from the breakup.

If your partner is an abusive person, and you let them wait for some time to block them, they might take harmful steps against you. 

Your ex puts you under pressure.

If your ex tries to come back apologizing. Promising he is now a changed person after breaking your heart. and you feel he is just desperate and keeps calling you and texting you even after setting boundaries. Feel free to block them right away.

You do not have to wait any longer if your ex is continuously disturbing you. You are not interested in letting your ex back to you.

If the breakup was a mutual agreement

You and your ex might have agreed about your breakup due to unavoidable circumstances that could not let the two continue with the relationship.

If this is the case and both of you are coping quite well for the post-breakup, then there is no need to rush into blocking them.

When both parties are in content with the decision of splitting, I trust there will be no party that may use communication to harm the ex in any way.

If your ex is the right person and maybe they haven’t shown any furious actions, they can take your time and not block them.

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Why shouldn’t you block your ex?

When a relationship ends, it may not imply your ex has become your worst nightmare. Your ex might have been your most incredible deal and friend because you shared a lot. You may want to give it another try, but your ex has to show they want to do the same.

Your ex could have been the right person. So you believe the relationship had potential and so you might still be compatible. 

You might be okay with the separation, but if a chance comes for your relationship to be retrieved, you are open to the idea. If your ex is willing to give it a possibility, then it becomes easy.     

Once you accept the reasons that led to your split up and are willing to work them through to make it possible for the two of you to be a couple, then so be it, go ahead and pursue that;

When you believe your ex was good.

If you think your ex was the right person, though your breakup was inevitable, you may not have to block him. Maybe he did all that he could to put a smile on your face, and now that things didn’t go how you both wished, keeping away from him may be wise.

Yes, you can keep distant, but don’t block him because you never know he might become a changed person and may want to come back to you. But once he realizes you stopped him, it might push him further away from you.

The issues why you separated, you are genuine.

Even the happiest, most fulfilling relationships hit dangerous patches that they need to sort. Perhaps you and your ex will go through these patches, and willingly giving yourself some space might help you fix the differences.

The wise move to take is not to block your ex in this situation, because it may seem that you want to push them away. And then, in turn, your ex might do the same; hence you lose out on entirely.

When you are not sure of the breakup

Sometimes the separation could have resulted from issues that affected your emotions. It would help if you had some time to figure everything out. You might want to clear your head from the past and what went wrong.

So you might not be sure whether you want your ex back or not. It’s best you do not block them at the moment. But rather keep them a distance as you wait to make the perfect decision for the two of you.


Your personalities drive you up the wall.

Consider taking a step back and assess whether the two of you have a better way of rebuilding the broken relationship. Instead of blocking your ex.

Maybe you feel you two are compatible and that you should give yourselves a second chance and forgive each other.

Try to break the miscommunication and pride between you and your partner to talk to them. Hence the blocking option is unnecessary.

Not blocking your ex leaves the door open.

If one chooses to block their ex, it may show their bitterness and how more affected they are, which is not a good thing. But if you do not block your ex, no one will see you as a bitter person no matter how hurt you may be.

You never know things might work out between the two of you. When you don’t block your ex. You leave a room for him to contact and keep in touch with you. It’s good always to leave chances for the opportunity to your ex. In case he wants to come back and ask for another option.

Is blocking immature?

Blocking varies from an individual perspective and depends on how toxic and dramatic the ex-partner is. They may be no longer worthy of someone’s time; hence no need to bother trying.

Being angry may be a choice by a person and the way they choose to react to situations also depends on their personality. Blocking your ex might be your peaceful way to end everything with them without arguing with them continuously.

However, blocking your ex may not solve your emotional breakdown or fix all the issues you’ve got with your ex.

If you feel someone is attacking you through phone calls, social media posts, rude comments to your standings, then you could be more than right to block them, do it.

Sometimes when we do not like what the other person is saying, it may not be their fault, it’s us. 

They may have done nothing wrong but could have mentioned what is getting under your skin, and this becomes a great deal for you to react quickly to block them.

Blocking someone might be a benefit of your mental health. This person’s comment might keep tormenting your feelings, especially if it involves taking a particular decision. You may not have anything much to say to the person and have that person blocked as your last resort.

On the other hand, blocking may be a tool of not giving a chance to the other party to respond, hence turning out to be a manipulative move done by narcissists to control a narrative. It’s a way of them asking whether you are in or out.

Blocking might be immature because it may not solve or undo any hurtful experiences. You might be running away from responsibilities which a mature person would not do. You need to be accountable for all situations and accept the blame when needed. If you do this, many solutions will come to your problems.

Blocking may indicate that you cannot handle mature situations and discussions. Suppose you just run off and block the person who is trying to make you uncomfortable. In that case, you need to rethink your strategy of overcoming challenging conversations without stopping the disturbing party.

We do not want to play dodgeball, so stand up to yourself and face all the reality in front of you to win. You need to figure out what set you off in the first place and try to resolve the conflict instead. It’s best that way.

Avoid blocking someone when you’re angry, and if you choose to stop them, don’t write a long explanation about why you are blocking them. If it’s what you’ve decided to do, then let it be.

In conclusion, if someone is continuously harassing you without any signs of stopping, then you may go ahead and block them for your good and safety. On the contrary, there is no mature reason you need to block someone unless you want to get over your ex for a while, but still, you can be stronger than using blocking to help you. You can get over your ex if you work on it yourself.

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