How to save a relationship from breaking-up?

How to save a relationship from breaking-up? You find yourself constantly thinking about the good old days of your relationship. A time when your partner couldn’t get enough of you. You were so happy and full of life. It seemed as if nothing could stop your passion for each other. However, lately, things haven’t been going the way you had planned. Even though the relationship used to be promising it is now headed for a standstill. Now you constantly thinking about how to save a relationship. your relationship. The passion is slowly fading and you do not know why or how you can fix the problem. Do you want to know how to save a relationship?

I am here to tell you not to lose hope. There is a way you can rekindle the love between the two of you.

This article will show you some easy steps to take to rekindle the flame between you and your lover. We start by getting clearly defining why this relationship is worthy of a fight.

Think about why you should fight for the relationship.

Critically think about the reasons why you need to stay together in this relationship. I mean to be clear about the reasons why this relationship is important to you. Start with reasons that make you ready to fight for this relationship. There are many reasons that bind people to their relationship. What’s yours?

Could it be your children are dependent on both you and your partner?

Why are these reasons so important? These reasons motivate you going forward. By the way, don’t just think of reasons above, Its very important that you clearly write them down.

Are you just still in love with each other? Even in the middle of a huge fight, it’s normally inevitable that the reason you want to stay together is actually because you still love each other so much. In the rush and routine of life, you simply forgot to take care of our relationship. Then neglection feeling kicked in.

The idea is clearly think and record the reasons why you feel this relationship is worthy of saving. Once you understand why you want to fight for the relationship you need to communicate with your partner

Communicate with your partner

You need to establish an understanding of is your partner. Both of you need to take time to sit together and discuss the state of your relationship. Ask yourselves if both of you are happy with the relationship. Ask yourselves how you can both make efforts to improve the relationship. Both of you need to be honest with each other. Let him/her know that you understand his concerns.

Making someone believe that you understand where they are coming from is really powerful. Make sure your partner knows that it is safe for him/her to call out your failures. Let him/her know that he /her telling you your flaws will not lead to an argument.

With all the information gained from your communication, you need to start being selfless and put your partner’s needs first.

Be selfless

In relationships, a person can complain about being neglected. This easily happens when one partner takes the efforts of another for granted. This leads to an imbalance of powers within the relationship. Leaving the trying partner feeling exhausted.

If you are the partner who has not been putting in much effort you need to start making changes. You need to show your partner that you value the relationship as much as he/she values it. You can do this by putting your partner’s needs first.

Be selfless in your approach to healing your relationship. For example, serve him/her by taking him/her out on a date. Pay attention to the things he/she says and actively comment on his/her thoughts.

By now your partner will be sure that you want to save your relationship. It is now time to spend quality time together.

Spend quality time together

Do not neglect any opportunity to spend quality time together. Visit the places you once did when the relationship was still passionate. Organize a romantic picnic under the stars. Reconnect through soulful conversations that will remind both of you why you fell in love with each other.

Do not underestimate the power of a good conversation. Use body languages like hugs, gentle strokes, and kisses.

Be sincere while doing this, we don’t want him thinking that you are trying to manipulate him. Do something new together like take up dance classes.

After reconnecting through quality time, you can now talk about forgiving each other.

Forgive each other

You have used communication to establish what went wrong in the relationship. You have spoken about how each of you was at fault.

There might be some unsettled bitterness towards some of the mistakes done against each other. You now need to take time to forgive each other.

Forgiveness is not easy. It is definitely something that cannot be faked. You need to have deeply communicated how both of you have hurt each other.

Through allowing the other person to be vulnerable you can easily understand how what you did hurt them. This is called having empathy for the other person.

Both of you need to sincerely apologize to each other. This is done by mentioning that which was done wrong. You then need to say that you are sorry and that you will not do it again.

Stop Manipulating each other

Many people would recommend that you play mind games with your partner. Slowly convince them to stay with you. I am here to tell you that it is very dangerous to manipulate someone to do what you want them to do. Your partner is not a child that he/she will not see through your actions.

What manipulation will likely do is initiate a culture of disrespect. This is highly unnecessary where love exists. Quality time and communication are needed to resolve differences.

Moving forward, you need to establish a safe environment for communication.

Create a safe environment for future communication

Now that both of you have reconciled your differences, you need to create a culture of communication. Respecting one another’s opinions can help you achieve this. Also, both of you need to establish a safe environment for communication.

By this, I mean that it should be understood that talking about the negatives of the relationship need not result in conflict.

Both of you need to understand that it is better that you communicate your differences than to keep them bottled up inside.

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