how to make a man fall in love with you

How to make a man fall in love with you

“How to make a man fall in love with you?” would it not be nice if there was an easy answer to this question?

Some girls are just lucky, aren’t they? They walk into the room and every guy just wants to be with them. But you have not been as lucky in love.

Instead, you are lucky to find just a few guys to like you in a year. That is still fine. Do not trouble yourself by this.

I have compiled a list of tricks you can do to increase your dating game. You just read this article and apply them in your life.

Make a man fall in love with you by being yourself

Be yourself because you cannot be anything there than that. It will be tiring to keep up pretense by getting a guy to love you for who you really aren’t.

The magic with being yourself is that you will attract people who are best suit your personality. Imagine pretending to be this high socialite extrovert and attracting a guy only for him to learn that you actually enjoy quiet days at home.

The two of you will be devastated to have gone through all of the pain. So be yourself and the guy who is meant for you will come to sweep you off your feet.

Make a man fall in love with you by not changing who he is

Men do not like it when women take them up as their mini-project. Do not try to change your guy. When you decide to go into a relationship with a guy ask yourself if you are perfectly fine with whom he is.

What women tend to do is accept the proposals of guys they don’t like with the thought that they can change them into guys they do like.

This will infuriate your guy. An expert once said that it is funny how the things that attract us to people end up being the ones that cause us to split with them.

This is because if you like your guy for being funny you might just find out that he never ever gets serious and this will upset you.

Make a man fall in love with you by being supportive

Want to know how to make a man fall in love with you? You need to be supportive. Men live in a society where they are told that they should be strong and almost capable of anything.

It is hard to be real as a man and show your weaknesses in society. So don’t be like the critical society that he is exposed to.

Support him by accepting his weaknesses and helping him harness his strengths. To do this, you need to be alert. Notice when your man is feeling down and be there to tell him that he will do better next time.

As a result, your partner will appreciate being home and will hence, not look for affirmation from other places but home.

Make a man fall in love with you by taking interest in his hobbies

You might not like going to football games with your man but you need to. This is because when you do things with your man that he enjoys doing you allow yourself to enter into his world.

You do not want to find yourself dating someone who you don’t know fully. This happens when the two people in a relationship have hobbies or interests that do not include their loved one.

So avoid this by being involved in everything that your man does. Also, it will be for your benefit. This way you will know wherever your man is at all times.

Make a man fall in love with you by making him laugh

The one thing that keeps relationships going is chemistry. And chemistry is brewed through knowing and loving your partner as he is.

You would be lucky if you can make your boyfriend laugh. But you can also find that being yourself is enough to entice him.

Same goes for you. If the two of you can get to a point where you appreciate the small silly things that your partner does then your relationship will last.

Make a man fall in love with you by being sexy

Men are physical being while women are more on the emotional side. This is important to know when you are trying to attract someone.

A woman will love a considerate guy who makes her feel good about herself and men are more likely to like a sexy woman who arouses them.

So this goes without saying, you need to look good for your man. Do not let yourself go in the comfort of years of a relationship under your belt.

Show him that you still respect his opinion about your looks by continuing to look good for your man.

Make a man fall in love with you by being reasonable

It often happens in an argument that you want your view to be considered irrespective of all the other information proving it invalid.

This is being irrational and it is very unattractive to a guy. You need to make your views known but also keep in mind that there is a possibility that you could be wrong.

No one wants someone who will bully them into taking their side whenever they find themselves in an argument.

So listen more and argue less when you get into a fight. Let your partner know that you recognize their views even while you tell them yours.

Make a man fall in love with you by telling him you love him every so often

It may seem awkward now to be the one to first say I love you. But try to make this a habit when you are with your boyfriend.

Yes, you show him so many ways that you love him however, he still needs to hear these three words coming from your mount.

So send him a text in the middle of the day telling him that you love him. This will make both of you feel secure within the relationship.

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