how to know when to breakup

How to know when to break up

How to know when to break up. When you love someone you wish to spend the rest of your life with them. You feel that the love between you can carry you through any obstacle. Love is a powerful force that can make you try to maintain the relationship against all odds. Even if the relationship is no longer serving you, you might feel the edge to stick around for a love that is no longer there. Also breaking up with someone is a really difficult thing to do, probably why most people avoid doing it.

You are thinking about all the time and effort you invested in this relationship. You do not see why you should consider starting over. However, in this article, I provide you with a few reasons why you should consider breaking up with that special someone.

Your relationship is not the way it used to be

Often times people make the mistake of holding on to a dead relationship because of feeling like they owe their partner for the old memories. Do not fall prey to believing the delusion that things will improve even though you feel like they won’t.

Listen to your instincts; you are fully aware that this relationship is no longer serving you. So it is safe to say that the relationship you agreed to enter into is no longer existent. Ask yourself whether at the present moment you feel you are happy in the relationship.

Forget about how wonderful the relationship used to be. You may be thinking that it was beautiful while it lasted. All that it is doing now is causing you pain and heartache, why stick around?

Things are not changing even after communication

People would advise that you give your relationship time. They will tell you that you and your partner need to communicate about your problems. This is all good advice, but what happens if you have done all of this. What if after all of the efforts nothing seems to be changing?

If things are not changing even after you have communicated that you are unhappy this is another reason why you should consider leaving. It is really painful to carry the weight of being committed to someone who is not committed to you.

You cannot imagine a happy future with the person

You need to be real with yourself. Imagining this relationship going forward do you see a bright future with this person? Do you think he’s efforts portray someone willing to provide a sustainable future for you? How long are you willing to struggle in a dead relationship?

It is also clear that you are not happy with the current state of the relationship. My question now is do you think you will ever be happy with this relationship?

Do you think there are adequate measures you can perform to restore your relationship? If no I suggest that you consider leaving this relationship

You are asking yourself if there is something better out there

Given the current situation, it is so easy to wonder if you can be loved better. You deeply feel like you deserve to be loved passionately and unapologetically. You regret ever agreeing to be with this person. It is even possible that you are thinking of all the other people who wanted to be with you that you looked over to be with your current person.

This is a sign that the situation is taking its toll on you. Do not beat yourself too much about this. You cannot change the past. You need to look toward a better future for yourself.

This relationship is not healthy for you. You need to love yourself enough to leave the situation.

You are more committed than your partner

Are you feeling like you are in this relationship on your own? Your partner is no longer showing any interest and you feel like you are the only one who wants the relationship. This is a clear sign that the relationship has come to an end.

This is a frustrating position to find oneself. Your partner might be trying to show you the signs that the relationship is over. He/she might also be afraid to officially break things off but is hoping that you do. You do not deserve to be stuck in this situation. Unequal commitment is another clear sign that you need to move on.

You don’t know how to begin to fix the situation

You have run out of ideas on how to fix your relationship. Even after endlessly trying to improve the love between the two of you, you find yourself tired with nothing working.

I don’t advise that you quit your relationship without attempting to fix it. However, listen to your instincts. It is clear that the relationship cannot be saved.

It wouldn’t be mentally healthy for you to fight for what you clearly see has died.

How to know when to break up-Your self-esteem is taking a knock

Fighting within an unequally committed relationship can leave you feeling worthless. This is because you are constantly making selfless efforts to reach your partner. After some time you will feel like you don’t matter in the relationship. This then becomes a power game where he/she dominates the relationship and benefits from the relationship far more than you do.

I’m here to tell you that this is a toxic environment to find yourself in. you need to love yourself enough to believe that you deserve far greater than what he/she is offering you. Then you need to tell him/her that you are tired and get out of the situation.

You are experiencing emotional neglect

Feeling emotionally neglected is a definite sign that you need to run out of that relationship. Fighting for such a relationship will only leave you feeling drained and useless.

Believe in yourself and your capabilities. Do not allow your partner to drain you emotionally and wreck you mentally.

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