how to get your ex-wife back

How to get your ex-wife back

how to get your ex-wife back

How to get your ex-wife back. About half of all marriages end with divorce these days. This is so sad to realize. Unfortunately, you and your lovely wife are part of the statistics.

How to get your ex-wife back

You got divorced after being unable to resolve the issues between the two of you. However, now you regret agreeing to the divorce.

You realize how valuable your wife is and you want her back. Fear not because I have just the thing for you.

This article will teach you how to get your ex-wife back through a few easy steps you can follow. Sit back, relax and let me do half the work for you.

Understand where you really went wrong with her

Are you aware of the mistakes you did in the marriage that led her to ask for a separation or a divorce?

Some men make the mistake of becoming clingy and possessive in the marriage while others tend to neglect their wife by not putting in enough effort to keep the spark alive.

Before going anywhere with this pursuit you need to understand that a woman can only love a man she respects. If you feel like your wife doesn’t respect you or has lost respect for you maybe it is time to find another woman to commit to.

You need to learn that in order to keep a marriage alive in this new age you as a man need to constantly reinvent yourself according to your women’s needs.

The two of you need to grow together in the relationship lest you grow apart. You need to constantly be addressing the issues of the house as they come. You should not wait for them to pile up.

How to get your ex-wife back-List your spouse’s complaints

Create a list of the complaints that your wife has verbalized while you were breaking up. This will be your guide back into her heart.

• Did you perhaps cheat on your wife? Admit that you were wrong even if it was just a one night stand
• Did you emotionally neglect your wife? Accept that you were wrong to take her for granted.

Own up to your actions and start taking responsibility by finding ways to make it up to her. Resist the temptation to blame her for all your wrongdoings. Two wrongs do not make a right. Counteracting your wife’s negative behavior with infidelity and neglect is only adding fuel to the fire.

Improve your ability to make her feel respect and attraction for you as a man

Trust that you were able to win your wife’s heart before and so you can definitely win it again. What most men fail to do is keep their women attracted because they become too comfortable in the marriage.

For men, the game of attraction is about the chase. Once they get the woman they don’t feel the need to keep her interested and this is the first fault.

Summon the bachelor in you to bring back the entire groove you used to have. Remind your wife of the strong husband she fell in love with.

Let her know that although it didn’t seem that way he is still there. You need to care about triggering her feelings.

Remember all the things she used to love about you. Believe me, she still craves to see you be the man she fell in love with.

Be sure that you are emotionally at a 100%

You should want her back should be because you want her not because you need her. By now your ex-wife must be exhausted of meeting your needs.

Do not plead with her to come back to meet your needs. Tell her that you miss her, not the things she used to do for you.

Emotionally you need to have healed and not be seeking your wife because you are not dealing well with the divorce.

Go to a therapist if you have to. Resolve your emotions and rationally decide that you want your ex-wife back.

You should come forth from a strong position of needing someone you can love and who will love you back.

Show your ex-wife that surely your life can continue without her but you don’t want it to.

Get her to meet up with you to have a friendly chat and let her experience the new and improved you

Try to avoid addressing topics or issues over the phone or through texts. It is important that your ex-wife sees you every time you have to discuss something.

Show her the new and improved you. This will remind her that the man she married is still in you somewhere and that not all hope is gone.

Meet up with her casually. Do not make the meeting be about you wanting her back. Just casually meet her, tell her that you would like to catch up and you miss your chats. Or you can tell her that you need advice on something.

Women enjoy being the helper it is in their nature. Naturally, she will come if she thinks she can help.
She could be in a relationship already or be pursuing to be in one.

When you meet make sure that you apologize for everything you did wrong to her. Show her the new man you have become.

Let your ex-wife know that you would rather divorce the old relationship

Let your ex-wife know that you are willing to radically change your past behavior to improve the quality of your relationship.

Make her know that you want to divorce the old relationship and start a new relationship with her. Ask her to put everything in the past and begin on a new path with you.

Promise her that you will love her the way she wants and deserves.

Bring the list of problems she identified along with the ways you wish to address the issues. This will show her that you have actually been listening to her and you wish to change your ways.

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