How to get your ex back

How to get your ex back. If you are reading this article you most probably just lost someone you love dearly. This can be a frustrating position to be in. You have resolved that you want to win his heart back. Firstly, I am here to tell you that it is completely normal and you do not have to feel bad about wanting him back. I don’t know why you two broke up but I can assure you that conflicts can be resolved if the people concerned are interested.

This article will help you inspire the love of your life to consider reconciling differences. Follow the next easy steps to make your ex fall in love with you again.

Ask yourself what went wrong

You need to be honest with yourself and actually investigate what went wrong in the relationship. This is the first step to understanding what needs to be fixed.

You need to understand that you are not perfect and you may have unwillingly pushed the love of your life away. Carefully study his breakup message and read old conversations to confirm any negative behavior he complained about.

It is not easy to accept that you were wrong but it is very important that you understand why he left you.

Now that you have established what you did wrong it is now time to start operation repair your relationship.

How to get your ex back-Apologize

Before anything starts it is important that there should be no bad blood between the two of you. I mean that both of you need to be at a point where you are civil with each other. This can be achieved if you apologize to your ex and make it known to him that you hold no resentment towards him.

It is understandable that you probably reacted terribly to the breakup at first. However, you need to bring yourself to an attitude of repentance. The apology can be through any means of communication however the best form of communication is face to face. So if you can arrange that both of you meet to do so.

It will be significantly effective that he actually see your emotional state as you apologize. Also, it will guarantee that he gives a genuine reaction to your apology. I say this because text apologies give the next person the power to modify their reaction because they have time and invisibility to reply.

Now that you have apologized, it is time to apply the no contact rule.


It is said that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. This is indeed true. You have the advantage that he has loved you before so he does love you. A little absence should remind him how much he really wants you next to him. Do not text him or call him.

Do not even talk about him to your mutual friends, such conversations can find a way to lend on his ears. Now that you have applied the no contact rule it is time to redefine your image in his eyes.

Redefine your image in his eyes

He already knows that he does not want to be with the old you, that has already been established. What he needs to see is a new you. You need not make a very drastic change. All you need to do is gently modify the bad things he did not like about you.

This is when you can use social media to your advantage. You may be tempted to block him on all social platforms but do not do that. What you need to do is show him that all the negative things he thought about you are no longer true. You do this by changing the things you post on social platforms.

Girls tend to fall into the temptation to post a lot of things trying to show him that life goes on without him. Do not do this. If you drastically change the manner in which you used to post he will notice that all new posts are directed to him.

Now that he knows that you have changed it is time to make him believe that your life has moved on.

Show him that your life has moved on

No guy ever has liked a desperate girl. This is why you should make sure that he believes that you are coping well with the breakup. Trying your best to show him how miserable you feel will not help you at all. No one wants to involve themselves in a miserable situation.

So you need to show him that coming back to you would actually be a good move by moving on with your life. You can do this by establishing new connections and partaking in something new like a poetry club, anything you would enjoy really.

Post photos of yourself in group photos with people he does not know. This will make him curious and that is what we need, we need him to be investigating who this new person you have become is.

Now that he is convinced that you have moved on it is time to make him jealous.

How to get your ex back-Make him jealous

Now that he knows that you have met new people it is time he thinks that you are moving on romantically as well. Let one of the people he sees you in those photos be a male friend. Get close to this male friend so that your ex questions the authenticity of the friendship.

You may even be fortunate to have a guy who is genuinely taking an interest in you. Use this to your advantage by making sure that your ex knows about this. Take photos alone with this guy and post on social media.

Men are very territorial by nature if he has been slacking in actually showing you that he wants you back, doing this will definitely nudge him into the right direction.

After following all these steps all you need to do is watch everything unfold right before your eyes. If you feel like not much is happening do not get tempted to divert from the advice.

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