How to get over your ex

How to get over your ex. Losing loved ones to a breakup is never easy. You find yourself in a tricky situation because you cannot get over your ex. You do not have to feel shy about this because you are definitely not alone. You want to be with him/her and you still wonder what he/she is doing with his/her life.

This is completely understandable but you also should not struggle alone. It is a good step you have taken to read this article that will teach you how to get over your ex. This article will help you through some easy steps to take to get over your ex.

Keep yourself busy for 2 weeks after the breakup

According to medical research, it takes approximately one month to form new neuropathways in your mind. To avoid sinking into a deep depression you need to make use of this knowledge. The old pathways had you in a routine where your partner’s attention was readily available to you. This will help you get over your ex.

What you need to do now is keep yourself busy and get into the routine of being an individual. You can try doing things you’ve always enjoyed for a period of over a month. This will distract your mind from thinking about the relationship.

Clear out that closet you’ve always wanted to tackle. You will find that it soon becomes therapeutic to clean out your space.

Get out with some of your friends. Plan a weekend getaway with those you love. Start looking at the fun side of life.

How to get over your ex-Cut off contact

For a little while try to cut off contact from your ex. It is absolutely unnecessary for the two of you to remain, friends, if it is going to hurt you.

A friendship may eventually be possible but do not force it. People tend to hold on to their exes by pretending to be in friendships with them. Meanwhile, they know deeply that they are still hurting.

Create boundaries by cutting any form of contact with him for a while. You are hurting at this moment and you need to look toward yourself more and not so much toward him/ her. He/ she is no longer your priority. This should help you get over your ex.

You do not have to be rude in executing this. Just politely let your ex know that you need space to resolve your emotions.

Stop analyzing and regretting

If you are the one who suggested the breakup you will find that the breakup will be put on your shoulders. You do not have to spend time regretting your decision. Don’t analyze and over think ways you could’ve done things differently. Those “could have?” “would have ?” thoughts, try to minimize them.

Try to accept that the breakup is final and don’t look for explanations and comforts.

Don’t sit and analyze every detail of the lost relationship. This will not help you get over your ex. It will only make you miss him/ her even more.

How to get over your ex-Delete, unfriend, and block

Social media is one thing that can impact how you get over your ex. His/ her social media presence will make you feel like they are still with you

Avoid going to his/ her page and watching his/her statuses. You need to delete, unfriend and block your ex. Stalking can really get out of hand and it is not a good idea.

Let go of the fantasy

People usually overestimate their breakup by creating too much of a fuss around them. Instead of mourning the relationship they have lost they mourn the fantasy they wished the relationship could’ve grown into.

Even though you know in your heart that the relationship has been growing sour you still don’t want to let go. This is because you had big dreams for the relationship.

You need to let go of this dream. Simply because it is not real. This is going to be painful. The relationship was so promising. You are asking yourself what went wrong. Don’t; just accept the reality of the situation.

Make peace with the past

When we are treated badly it is normal to react in anger. Anger helps us to move away from situations that are not healthy for us.

The problems arise when we do not let go of our anger. Anger and pain from the past can so easily poison our future.

You need to move on from past hurtful experiences because by not doing that you are allowing those who hurt you to determine your future. This is because you always assume that the next person is going to hurt you even if they would not have.

Forgiving someone is not about the other person. It is more about you. When you forgive those who hurt you release the toxic energy and gain emotional freedom.

Think of what you won’t miss

Breaking up can be a traumatic experience but it can also be a freeing experience if you allow it to be.
Try to think of all the new things you will now be able to do now that you are free. Think about all the terrible things you will not miss from the relationship.

Not all breakups are bad. This is a great opportunity for you to reinvent yourself and be that person you had always wanted to be.

How to get over your ex-Love yourself more

It is okay to still love him however; you need to love yourself more.

Accept that you have moved on from a relationship that was not working out for you. Despite the beautiful plans you had for it, it was never going to get there.

You deserve to be with someone whom wholey appreciates every effort you put into the relationship. Someone who will share the same dreams that you have.

You also need to forgive yourself for being in the relationship in the first place. This is also a form of self-love.

Don’t cast too much blame on yourself or your ex. If things didn’t work out accept that they were not meant to work out.

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