How to Break Up With a Girl Nicely

How to Break Up With a Girl Nicely.

How to Break Up With a Girl Nicely

How to Break Up With a Girl Nicely? As a relationship grows, the excitement and spark fade a little bit. This is because everything seems to be the same and you are both used to the routine.

At first, as a couple, you are happy and cannot wait to see or hear from each other. But this feeling is not forever as time moves. Due to relationship challenges along the way, you start getting distant from each other.

So as a guy, if you are bored with the relationship and you want to call it quits. You have many heartless options. But if you need to be a little gentle and avoid hurting her feelings. Sit back and read more.

Do you want to break up with your girl nicely without causing much pain to her? All you need to do is be fair to her and do it softly.

What to do to break up with a girl nicely;

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A Breakup is a breakup. Regardless of how you conduct it, it will alway be hurtful to your girl. But you still have the power to make it less hurting. Here I share with you, ways to break up with a girl nicely with minimal hurting imposed on her.

1. Give your girlfriend a frank explanation.

If you need to break up with a girl nicely, she deserves a reasonable explanation. You need to explain to her why you have resolved to break up with her. Give an apparent reason to your girlfriend so that she gets to understand and accept everything.

Let your girlfriend process the information you are sharing with her. Please don’t rush to leave her as soon as you tell her it’s over; stay with her. If she has questions, answer them so that you clear any doubts she may have about the breakup.

2. Find the right time to break up with a girl.

To break up with a girl nicely, you need to choose the most appropriate time. So that the news does not affect her in any way. It will help if you break up with your girlfriend when she doesn’t have many important events in her life. 

Of course, there is never a perfect time for a breakup. But at least choose a time when she doesn’t have a celebration or academic tests to affect her career.

3. Reassure your girlfriend about her personality.

It is real you are breaking up with this girl, but it doesn’t mean you tell her awful things about her personality. You can find appropriate words to say to her and let her know she is still the right person you met a few years ago.

It can be an excellent way to break up with a girl because you will not be turning down her confidence. Assure her that the guy who will marry her will be a lucky one because she is a lovely person to stay healthy and positive.

4. Give your girl a chance to discuss your issues when the situation is calm.

When you want to break up with a girl nicely, you need to give her an option that you are open to talk when she relaxes and ready to discuss it with you. This option is useful when a girl is not satisfied in any way after a breakup.

During this time, one is processing and getting to understand your reasons for the breakup if you provide clear explanations. Your girlfriend will be ready to ask any questions freely after the situation is calm.

5. Talk to someone you confide in

Do you have a family member or best friend you trust so well? You can talk to someone about your plans for the breakup privately so that they can give you some peace of advice.

It will not be easy for the person you trust to share with your girlfriend or anyone else without your consent.

This person can help you make a super plan on how to break the news to your girlfriend. Doing this allows you to know how to go about the situation.

What not to do to break up with a girl nicely;

What not to do to break up with a girl nicely

1. Avoid blaming your girlfriend for the breakup.

It’s perfect if you do not make your girlfriend feel responsible for the breakup. At least mentions incidences where you both contributed to your relationship’s failure so that you do not point fingers.

Unless your girlfriends’ behavior is horrible and involves cheating or drug abuse, suppose it’s the other usual relationship issues like lack of respect, communication, etc. In that case, you can find a way and not blame her entirely.

2. Avoid a non-physical break up with your girlfriend.

Breaking up with a girl over text or phone call is disrespectful and a sign that your relationship did not matter a lot. You are not breaking up with her nicely at all. You are instead of thinking about yourself alone.

However, meet in person and discuss it in detail. Your girlfriend will be able to understand every word and get clarification where need be. 

It might be harder looking into her eyes and telling her it’s over, but it’s the best option for both of you. It’s another way to break up with a girl nicely.

3. Don’t tell everyone about your breakup.

If you want to break up with a girl nicely, avoid spreading the rumor to your compatriots, relatives, or mutual friends. Doing this might hurt her feelings because of publicizing what needs to be private.

You might tell a few close friends so that your breakup remains a secret. Not very many people should know, so keep it quiet to avoid shaming your girlfriend.

4. Don’t do things you do not want your girlfriend to do to you.

The golden rule is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (Anonymous quote)

If you do not want your girl to cheat on you before you entirely break up, don’t do it.

Don’t treat your girl poorly because you know the breakup is underway. Try to be nice so that you do not become enemies instead. It’s a way to break up with a girl nicely.

5. Don’t rush into any conversation

You want to break up with a girl nicely, try not to hurry into any conversation with her. You might say things that you will regret later on.

If you are not yet sure of your feelings, first think about everything so that you come up with a perfect plan for the breakup.

Please don’t wake up and say, “we can’t go on with this relationship, let’s part ways.” Be sure of whatever word you are going to utter out to your girlfriend.

How to break up with a girl you love?

How to break up with a girl you love

When you love a girl but feel your relationship is not working out, it can be tricky to decide how to break it up if you do not give it more profound thoughts.

It would help if you keep in mind that she has emotions, so you have to make sure you do not hurt your girlfriend’s feelings. Try to make it easy for her.

How do you break up with a girl you love?

How to break up with a girl you love

1. Be sure of your decision to breakup

Once you choose to break up with a girl you love, you need to know that there is a possibility the two of you might not have a chance to reconcile. 

Once you say goodbye to the person you love most, be sure to be entirely out of their life.

Play your cards right to avoid creating any damage between you and your love.

2.Break up for the right reasons

Before you break up with a girl you love, you need to have appropriate reasons for ending the relationship. You may not want to lose someone you love for a cause you can fix when you are still with them.

If you have a minor fight, give yourself some time to get over the anger and listen. 

Take some steps before making the final decision of losing the woman of your life so that you can be sure to break up with your girlfriend if all fails.

3. Prepare your partner for the discussion

If you want to break up with a girl you love, you need to arrange how you will break the news to avoid shocking her or hurting her badly.

You can request some time privately to have a discussion calmly to break up physically and respectfully. Your girlfriend might be less hurt than if you do it over the phone or text.

4. Take blame of your breakup

Once you choose to break up with a girl you love, it’s better to show her that you take up the blame for ending the relationship and that the causes of your breakup are not her own making.

Show her that some issues were your fault; you cannot make it up to her. For example, if your partner wanted children, you can tell her you are sorry for not being ready to settle down with kids yet. 

Tell her that you need more time to be sure of your goals. By saying this, it shows you are not judging her in any way, but it’s you who has failed her expectations.

5. Be honest but don’t be cruel.

You need to tell a girl you love the truth while breaking up with her, but you have to find the best way to do it.

Suppose you do not feel the same way about her. In that case, you don’t have to say it exactly as it is; perhaps you can tell her, “I feel we have grown apart, and our relationship is not working out anymore”!

Such words will not hurt your girlfriend’s feelings, and she will get to appreciate whatever you’ll have to say because of the way you are saying it all.

6. You can suggest remaining friends with your girlfriend.

If you feel like not hurting the girl you love with a breakup; you can then ask her if you can stay friends after the split if you want to. If she needs some space initially, it’s better you give it to her to process everything.

You have to keep in mind that the friendship might hurt even more, so if she doesn’t consent to it, let her figure it out to get over the breakup.

7. Move on after the breakup.

After breaking up with a girl you love, you need to initially cut all ties with that person to help your healing process. Much as you were the initiator of the breakup, feelings of guilt might arise, so be ready to acknowledge them and move forward.

Then finally, you need some time off for yourself to be able to deal with your breakup. Do not rush into a new relationship. 

Think through everything and get to understand how you want your next relationship. Whenever you are ready, and your heart is open to love again, you can try.

8 ways to make her leave you

ways to make her leave you

For several reasons, many relationships do not work out! Maybe you realize you haven’t been lucky, and dating is turning out to be messy because every girl you have a relationship with fails.

Lately, you find out the girl you have been dating is not the right person for you and is opting out. Everything doesn’t seem to be going perfectly, and you are seeking possible ways for your girlfriend to leave you, but can’t figure it out.

Here are ways on what you can do to make your girlfriend leave you;

1. Distance yourself from your girlfriend.

When you want a girl to leave you, you need to cut your communication channels with her. Remember, a healthy relationship grows with good communication and honesty.

Now that you want her to break up with you, you can try to avoid any conversations with her, not call her or text her as often. Maybe not trying not replying to her messages would help more.

Once she realizes you are becoming distant, she will look for an exit plan as no one wants to stay with someone who doesn’t want to talk to them.

2. Ignore your girl and forget all your plans with her.

When you start a relationship, you give all the best to a girl, take her to the right places for date nights and movies to impress her and make her feel special.

But if you want her to leave you, it’s time now to stop taking her anywhere for fun, or if the two of you make plans, you don’t show up and make up an excuse.

A girl will feel you are neglecting her. If this behavior continues, she will not want to stay with someone who lets her down on special days and doesn’t want to spend time with her anymore.

3. Choose your friends over your girlfriend.

If you want a girl to leave you, use your friends to make her lack attention. Always show her you have plans with the boys, and you can not cancel them no matter what.

Go out more often with your friends or invite them at home for a game so that you mess up the whole place, make noise, and ignore her during their stay.

A girl will get uncomfortable as she will see you are concentrating very much on your friends and not considering her as your priority. When she gets tired, she will go by herself.

4. Check out other girls while you are with your girlfriend.

No woman would want to see their man staring and admiring at another girl when she is with him. 

So if you want a girl to leave you, you can always gaze at girls around the mall while shopping, smile at them so that you make her know you are open to new options.

Whenever your girlfriend gets you doing this, she will be provoked and angry at you hence wanting to end the relationship.

5. You can be gross to your woman’s friends

If you are tired of a girl and want her to leave you, the best thing to do is play around with her friends.

If she is away, you can call them and go for a hangout, flirt with them so that she will be furious with you for not letting her know when she finds out.

Your girlfriend might feel that you are replacing her with one of her friends, thus breaking up with you to do away with your confusion.

6. You can stop taking care of yourself

A girl would always want her guy to look his best while meeting him or moving together in public. If you do the opposite, you will make a girl leave you. 

Here is how you can upset her; don’t cut the beard, do a messy hair cut, choose baggy shirts, and dirty shoes to look disgusting in front of your girlfriend.

If she feels she cant put up with the new you, oops, she got to burst and end the relationship.

7. Drink yourself silly.

The worst moment for a woman is when her guy drinks a lot of alcohol and embarrasses himself or her. If you want her to leave you, drink too much so that you get to talk a lot and loudly so that you annoy her quite easily.

While having sex, you may spew or fall asleep while making love to her and perhaps begin snoring immediately. With time she will feel that she cannot put up with the drunkard and eventually leave you.

8. Tell your girlfriend that your relationship is over.

There is no better way to make a girl leave you than to mention that you are ending the relationship directly. 

Look straight into her eyes, find an appropriate time, and explain why you feel that things are failing to work out between the two of you and let her go.

She might cry, so you have to be ready to embrace her, but later on, she may not feel like staying with you anymore.

How to break up with a girl who still loves you?

How to break up with a girl who still loves you

Breaking up is not an easy process, but breaking up with someone who still loves you might hurt you even more.

You might worry about a girl’s reaction to you when you break up, which could delay your decision to end the relationship. Yet, within your heart, there is nothing left for you to hang onto the relationship.

Perhaps you are moving on with someone else or are taking a break from dating, that is why you decide to break up with your girlfriend. She still loves you, and you do not want her to cling onto you to have your time from the relationship. Try not to give her false promises.

Here is how you can break up with a girl who still loves you;

1.Set some boundaries.

When you break up with a girl who loves you, you need to have boundaries between you. Cut all ties with a girl so that you get space for yourself. 

If you stick to your plan of having a boundary between you and someone who loves you, it will help so that she doesn’t have high expectations.

Make it clear to your girl that you want to communicate with her after ending the relationship.

2. Make everything clear to a girl.

When you break up with a girl, you have to make the breakup clear that it’s permanent. If a girl is still in love with you, you need to assure her that there will be no chance of getting back together.

Avoid talking to her with prospects for the future. Please don’t give her false hope to hold onto your empty promises. Remember, this person is madly in love with you, and any signs might raise their hopes high.

3. Avoid having breakup sex.

If you break up with a girl who still loves you, you shouldn’t initiate any breakup sex or any intimate moments. 

The sex while breaking up is hot so that it might leave your ex wanting more.

Having sex with someone you are breaking up might be a sign of disrespect for her feelings, so you are better of keeping the breakup plain.

4. Don’t mention to a girl you want to be friends.

When you break up with a girl who still loves you, asking her to stay friends might be a bad idea because it might hurt her feelings. Suppose you do not love a girl, it’s best to keep away, especially if you were not close with her while dating.

Your girlfriend needs time to heal from the heartache due to the breakup, so initially let her be, and maybe you can become friends after a year of several months.

5. When it’s over, give your ex space.

After a breakup with a girl who loves you, you need to let her be. Your ex is already having a hard time coping up after the breakup, so you need to make it easy for her to heal quickly.

When you try to be around your ex, you make them lose any opportunity to get over you and have a new relationship. Please give them the space to live a new life of being without you.

Maybe their is still a chance to fix your relationship, in How to fix a relationship after a breakup i go about how you can fix your relationship even after breakup.

What to say when you want to break up with someone.

What to say when you want to break up with someone

If you want to break up with your partner, it will be easier if they have done something that has upset you.

So this is what you can say;

1. Be clear and straight to the point.

If you are breaking up with someone, you need to tell the person that your relationship is over clearly. Do not confuse your partner by showing doubts that you are not sure whether you want to end the relationship or not.

Mention why you are breaking up and showing your partner that you cannot continue with the relationship in any way. Being transparent will help your partner know your stand in regards to the relationship.

2. Be frank.

When you are breaking up with someone, you need to be realistic and honest about the reasons why you are ending the relationship.

Suppose you are tired of them because of their behaviors. In that case, it’s best to tell your partner that you cannot continue with the relationship because of the differences in your behavior.

Please don’t be cruel and hurt their feelings; you only need to find a perfect way to explain your concerns about breaking up.

3. Take some responsibility for the breakup.

When you break up with someone, you need to own up the reasons for your split instead of pushing all the blame to your partner.

Tell your partner that ” I was wrong to fail you in a certain way” so that they feel both of you are responsible. It will give your partner that they are not the only problem for failing the relationship hence remaining confident about themselves.

In conclusion, if you have to break up with a girl nicely, you have to be gentle and soft to avoid hurting her feelings. If she is still in love with you, you need to avoid raising her expectations hovering.

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1. How to break up with your girlfriend over text?

It will help if you communicate why you are breaking up with your girlfriend and why breaking up over text is a better idea.

2. Is it okay to dump someone by text?

If you feel you can’t meet your partner in person and break up with them, you can do it over text. However, if the person is not abusive, you may have to break up with them in person.

3. How to break up with a girl for no reason?

You can say you are not satisfied and happy with your relationship. Ask your girlfriend that you want to be alone and can’t handle any longer with your relationship issues.

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