How to be happy after a breakup

How to be happy after a breakup. Breakups are never easy to get over. It doesn’t matter how long you and your ex were together. You have been with this person for a considerable amount of time. Coming to terms with separation is something we never wish could happen to us. But it is unavoidable. At some point in your life, you will lose the people you love.

Despite all your hopes for your relationships they slowly do reach a point of standstill. However, there are steps you can follow to easily transition from being in a relationship to being single.

In this article, I provide you with a few easy steps you can use on how to be happy after a breakup.

How to be happy after a breakup-Give yourself time to heal

The amount of time you will need to heal depends completely on you. Take time to be by yourself and allow yourself to feel all of the painful feelings you are going through. By giving yourself time to heal you allow yourself an opportunity to understand how much damage the breakup has really caused you.

It is important for you to know that you are hurt and how you are hurt before you start moving on. During this time you can try journaling all the scary and overwhelming feelings you are going through. This will definitely help you to be happy after a breakup.

Be honest and maybe even poetic about your experience. Reflecting on these at a later stage will help you realize that you have actually managed to resolve some of the internal conflicts you will have written down.

Now that you have given yourself time to heal, you need to stay away from judgmental people.

Stay away from judgemental people

By “judgmental people” I mean all of the people in your life who will try to hurry or even delay your healing. Your healing should be entirely yours. Only you should dictate how you will go about your healing process. Some people can easily apply their own logic to your situation forgetting that this is your personal experience and you should know better. I am here to tell you that you definitely know better.

You have the right to be a mess if that is what makes you feel better. Healing is internal and manifests differently for different individuals. You do not need voices telling you how you can do it differently. These voices will not help you with being happy after a breakup.

An easy way to do this is to avoid talking about your breakup with judgmental people. You can find supportive friends who will not push their opinions onto you when you tell them about your breakup.

How to be happy after a breakup-Do not blame yourself

Avoid thinking about how you could’ve acted differently or how things could’ve turned out differently. Do not put blame on yourself or on him. Putting blame on yourself is unhealthy because it makes you feel like you are incapable of achieving a healthy relationship.

Also, it will not help you with being happy after your breakup. Learn to accept things as they are. Try to think of all of the reasons why this breakup was a good decision.

After all, what is done is done. You cannot change the past but you can enjoy the present and look forward to the future.

The next step is to take charge of your life.

Take charge of your life

Experiencing a breakup can leave you feeling like the world has come to end. It is draining as a result, you can easily fall into the trap of feeling incapable to continue with day to day activities or even dreaming of a future. Listen, just because you are no longer in a relationship doesn’t mean your life is valueless.

You need to still remember what you found exciting about life and move on. This means pursuing all those dreams you have always wanted to pursue. After taking enough time to be with yourself and your thoughts it is healthy to now start looking out.

Enroll for that short course you have always been dreaming to do. Volunteer at an orphanage if helping others is your thing. Just don’t stay all alone with your thoughts for too long.

The next step is to socialize more.

How to be happy after a breakup-Socialize

Breakups can be heartbreaking. However, they can also be a good way to restart your life. Your identity has been wrapped around the existence of your relationship that you probably do not know who you are outside of it. Take this opportunity to reinvent yourself.

Meet new friends, join a few social clubs. Join a book club or a poetry club Reconnect with old friends. Go out with your friends and paint the town red.

Try to see this breakup as an opportunity for freedom rather than a hope broken. This breakup may be opening up space for something better. It is time to be hopeful.

Be hopeful

No one says that you should immediately jump into another relationship. But I am also not saying close the doors on any hopes of moving on with someone else. It would really not have served you to be stuck in a relationship where you were not happy.

Even if you were happy it really would not have served you to be with someone who was not happy to be with you. As a result, try to look at this breakup with a positive lens. While socializing you might meet someone who can make you happy the way your former partner used to.

Relationships are about learning about others and ourselves. Should you enter into a new relationship try to be hopeful. Give the new relationship some effort and hope for the best.

Take care of yourself

Be intentional with how you carry yourself moving forward. Try to get some exercise and start eating healthy. Also, be aware of how you are thinking. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Tell yourself that your life did not end with the ending of your previous relationship.

Tell yourself that you still have a lot to look forward to in life. Get some quality sleep and spend time with your friends and family. Go shopping; maybe invest in getting new clothes. That should definitely boost your ego.

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