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Has your husband ever shared you? – All about Wife Sharing

Often married couples fail to give necessary attention to their partner sexual desires.

This leads to a lot of challenges in life one of which is infidelity which leads to seeing a married man leave his wife for a mistress.

In my article what makes a man leave his wife for another woman. I go in details – why mutual consideration of sexual desire can be a leading cause of husbands leaving their wives.

In this article, I talk to you about this new phenomenon called wife sharing.

Weather you’ve hard of it or not, It is blazing like wild fires. So what is wife sharing? Why on earth would any one want to share their precious wife with any one else?

What is wife sharing?

Wife sharing is a practice where a wife or husband in a legitimate relationship permits each other to have a sexual relationship with others outside their union. This is an open relationship that has the backing of the two parties. 

Wife sharing is not a 21st-century trend. It is an old practice under a different guise.

Authors at Lonely tears has covered a-number of topics on the subject in the past.

The popularity of wife sharing comes as a result of technology (Internet), and modern religion. All these put together exposes the practice.

Wife or husband sharing comes under different names like partner swapping, or wife swapping, swinging and many more. 

Sharing a wife is considered a highly arousing experience, especially if that fantasy is shared with your partner.

Should I share my wife

A wife shared, is a wife shared. It was your decision to allow your woman to share an intimacy with another person.

It sounds interesting, but sharing a wife should never be taken lightly. Wife sharing is a practice that needs careful consideration before any couple indulges into it.

Talk things over with your partner to find out his or her thoughts about the fantasies of with sharing.

You need to find out how comfortable she is with the whole idea.

You need to make sure you are on the same page with your partner. Be open – as an initiator, it’s your responsibility to make sure you mutually agree to the subject and have a common ground. This will ensure you a pleasurable and successful wife sharing experience.

Which is better sharing with one couple or different couples?

Depending on your levels of comfort and emotional maturity, it may or may not be a good idea to wife share with the same couple more than once.

If either you or your partner knows that their emotional state is sometimes fragile and easily affected by others, you can still wife share, but you’ll need to keep your partners diverse and varied to ensure that no one becomes more attached to anyone else than they should.

If, on the other hand, you are both quite emotionally stable, secure in your relationship, and happy with your partner, you may find that choosing just one or two couples to wife share with can be the most fulfilling proposition.

This arrangement will allow you to become friends with the couples with whom you are sharing, get to know them intimately, and enjoy each other even more.

Some very deep friendships can develop between two couples who are both happy in their separate relationships yet open to exploring each other intimately and sexually.

When wife sharing, it’s important to always practice safe sex. No matter how decent you, your partner, or the people with whom you are wife sharing may be, when engaging in sexual activity outside of your relationship, there is always a risk of health complications.

This risk can be entirely avoided or at least drastically minimized by being aware of and engaging in safe sexual practices. Condoms are an important addition to any wife-sharer’s handbag as is an in-depth knowledge of and familiarity with safe sexual practices.

Benefits of Wife Share

1. Creates an unbreakable bond

Wife sharing like many other fantasies, is hard to communicate.

Fantasies in general are hard to communicate. I imagine having that one person who understands all your fantasies, someone who has given you all the happiness that comes with your fantasy.

For a second just imagine losing such a person.

How easy is it for you to get her replacement?

Not every human on earth share the same exhibitions of fantasy like yours. For it is in human to keep and protect things of value, it becomes hard to lose a partner whom you share such a scarce sexual value.

Jenny James from Quora says she shares her husband with her friend, and she can’t see herself with another man who can’t do wife sharing.

This is so apparent that once you and your partner share such a fantasy, you never let each other go.

2. Create an open channel of communication

Cuckolding requires honesty from both partners. No cheating trauma

Wife sharing is known as an effective way to overcome a number of sexual life dissatisfaction in marriages.

Sexual life dissatisfaction in marriage causes deception. A partner that moves out to look for satisfaction can quickly get caught up in coverups of his doing which creates a dead communication channel.

Since both partners talk about it, and agree to the solution, it becomes apparent that there is no need to conceal anything from your partner.

People who practice wife sharing boast a lot about how open they are in their marriages after they agreed to wife share arrangements.

3. Helps combating boredom or repetition in a relationship

There are various reasons why people might enjoy cuckolding as a fetish or a form of consensual non-monogamy. Some people introduce cuckolding as a way of combating boredom or repetition in a relationship, and find that sexual variety actually strengthens their relationship with their partner, especially as they’re able to learn more about what their partner enjoys

4. Helps in understanding one’s sexual needs and desires: 

With an open relationship, one enjoys their body the most, discovering a new experience with different erotic fantasies. It provides an all-round experience with a number of partners having a different experience every time and traversing owns one body needs and desires.


How does it feel to watch your wife have sex with another man?

Fantasizing about your partner or yourself with another person is very common and can be a highly arousing experience, especially if that fantasy is shared with your partner.

How do you take care of all the diseases that come a long?

Like i say in this article, wife sharing should be a well planned activity. You first need to have an in depth conversation with your wife.

Chose the other partner. Don’t forget to have a medical checkup for all known STI and other diseases.
Most importantly, use protections.

What if you get another guy’s wife pregnant?

What if your wife falls in love with another man?

I fail to see the reason why she would want to fall for someone that she already have doing anything she wants with her husband’s consent.

Falling in love with the other man means things have to start being secrete. Don’t you think that would be a bit inconveniencing for some one who had it all?

How common is it that a husband wants to share his wife?

It isn’t quite uncommon for a man to want to “share “ his spousal wife with another man (or even another woman).

Men are by their nature, possessive and territorial.

I believe any man who’d be amenable to sharing his wife either doesn’t love her enough, or has an abnormal tendency to partake in freakish relationships.

I figure it’s a new thing for a lot of people who have taken to all sorts of sexual experimentation these days including “marrying” dolls.

wife sharing stories

“My husband loves sharing me. It started with my cheating and it was him that came up with the idea. I do not complain as I enjoy having sex with different people and have always had problems being faithful. This arrangement takes away any guilt and our marriage has got stronger as a result.”


My wife and I have had numerous encounters with other men. We’ve discussed at length what we expect and hope for from the encounters and know that no matter what we live each other.

When I watch my wife with another man I get to watch her having a lot of fun and pleasure. I know that I can pleasure her exceptionally well by myself but when that pleasure is multiplied she is able to experience that much more. We’ve grown to trust each other more and be more open with each other through our experiences. She’s and I are both happier and our relationship is stronger for it.

William Sutton

I share my husband. For the last couple of years, my best friend from junior school days have joined us in the bedroom. I enjoy the touch of a woman and my husband, I am turned on when he is pleasuring her and she looks me in the eye and pants ‘Thank you’.

We don’t have multiple partners, just my bestie, OH & me.

Jenny James

The most important aspect of all sexual activity is consent.

It is important when someone has a kink or fetish that they are communicating openly with all parties involved, and everyone is happy.

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