falling in love with a stranger

Falling in love with a stranger

Ever felt an incredible pull towards a stranger? Falling in love with a stranger is more common than you would think.

It is hard to identify because our first instinct is to fight against it. But it is that moment when you see someone from a distance and just feel compelled to get to know them.

It is that moment you exchange with a stranger in the taxi where the two of you seem fixed with each other’s eyes.

You can’t explain to yourself why you feel so drawn to someone you don’t know. You just know that if you got to know this person you would enjoy your time with them. And all this is just from looking at them.

This article with shine light on what you can expect from falling in love with a stranger.

Is it love or infatuation?

Before we go anywhere, you need to ask yourself what it is exactly that you are feeling. Is it love or is it infatuation? So if you feel like going to that person and starting an acquaintance with him first ask yourself if it is really love that you are experiencing.

If you feel like you are falling in love with a stranger beware of infatuation. It can disguise itself as love and lead you to make terrible decisions.

Are you sexually attracted to this person? Infatuation is often the result of lust. You think the person you are looking at is physically attractive and your mind just takes you to places it shouldn’t go.

This is not love and if you act on it you will quickly find that your relationship will fizzle out quick after being sexually intimate with each other.

If you cannot imagine yourself getting to know this person past having a sexual activity with them then you have your answer, what you are feeling is definitely infatuation.

Infatuation is a strong emotion and you might be thinking that you can start something out of infatuation but I suggest you not. If you do not feel like getting to know a person past a sexual interaction then it is not a good idea to start anything at all.

If you have come to the conclusion that it is love and not lust…

Falling in love with a stranger is like I said, often times infatuation. If however, you feel that you would actually like to get to know this person better then I’ll help you through the process.

Maybe you are generally a friendly person and like meeting new people. Then definitely you can meet this person with hopes of getting to know them better. But be disciplined and tell yourself that if this meeting reveals that it would actually not work you will slowly back out.

Talk to them

Falling in love with a stranger is scary. Even though you are experiencing all of these wonderful emotions you might be scared of actually approaching the person and letting them know that you are interested.

I suggest that you take baby steps and actually just talk to the person. This does not need to be a conversation about how you like him/her but can just be a hello how are you, I’ve been seeing you around campus and would love to get to know you better, would you care for ice cream.

Once the two of you start talking then you will soon get an idea of what kind of person he/she is. The ice cream route is probably too forward if you are a girl. However it can be done. Some guys like bold girls.

Keep the conversation going and intentional. You will probably have to rehearse the things you will ask him/her. If you just talk about nothing the whole day you will not get to know each other.

Be careful not to bombard him with a lot of questions. Make your questions flow with the conversation. You should be asking question like whether he has kids or he is married or has a girlfriend.

You will never know who they are unless you actually talk to him/her. So brave the courage to get to know him/her.

What if you don’t want to take the risk to make a connection with them? Why do you feel like that?

Maybe you don’t feel like seeing where your feelings will take you with this person. Why is it that you do not want to do this?

Could it be that you realize that this is just an infatuation or do you have confidence problems? If as I suspect it is indeed confidence problems then I suggest you ask yourself if you are willing to let something that could be so wonderful slip through your fingers just because of your lack of confidence.

You may need to stop playing out how it could go wrong in your mind. It would be sad to find that you both like each other but because of confidence issues you do not find each other.

If you find that even after you have decided not to pursue this you realize that you still have growing feelings for this person that it is important to see someone about that.

This is because obsessions can easily grow out of such situations.


I hope this article has been informative enough for you. You have realized that it is very much possible to fall in love with a stranger.

You also now know that once you experience such you need to actually take active steps to figure out whether this could go somewhere for the two of you.

Also, you now know that it is a good idea to keep your fears on hold for a little while. That way through your boldness you can start something real with someone.

You wouldn’t want to deny yourself of such over confidence issues. One other thing that was highlighted in the article that is very much important is that once you decide to step back you should also switch off your emotions.

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