Does he still love me

Does he still love me

Are you asking yourself, “Does he still love me?” He could be your ex, your husband or your boyfriend. Recently he has left you questioning his love for you.

Look no further than this article for the answers you so desperately need. There are many ways to see if he still loves you.

This article will give you a few of those top ways you can be certain that your significant other loves you. Sit back relax and get a notebook if you have to.

I promise you a fun-filled informative article that will leave you feeling empowered.

Sneaky signs your ex wants you back

He calls or texts you

One way to answer the question, does he still love me is to look at the way and frequency of his calls and texts. If you are still receiving texts and calls from your ex then you have reason to believe that he still loves you.

This is especially the case if in those calls he doesn’t talk about much that you feel actually needed a call. What you then need to do is carry the conversation if you are interested in him. He will run out of things to talk to you about but you can ensure this doesn’t happen if you also talk during the calls.

So you need to ask him how his family is doing and how he has been and what he has been up to.

He’s been following you

Another way to answer the question, does he still love me is to check if your ex is interested in the things you have been doing lately.

This means that he is following you. He has his eyes fixed on your social media and he is constantly waiting to see the new people you allow into your life.

He wants to know what you are doing and what makes you happy so that he can stay relevant to your life.

Check if he still views your statuses by seeing if he likes them or adds a comment now and then. If he does this is a good way to start talking about getting back together.

You don’t need to be too blatant about it all you need to do is to motivate his behavior by talking to him and responding to his chats.

Then once you have been doing this for quite a while you can ask the odd question of whether he thinks he has moved on from you and would he like to start a new relationship. Then take it from there.

His reaction when he sees you

Pay attention to the way he acts around you. Ask yourself, does he get excited, does he freeze, does he get nervous?

If you believe that he acts any way out of his usual character then you know that he still definitely like you and would like to get back together with you.

All the nervousness and excitement show someone who is trying to impress whoever they are with. His reaction tells you how he feels about you.

Actions speak louder than words; let your instincts tell you what to think. If you feel that he still loves you then that is probably the case.

If you happen to bump into your ex in a public place and he ignores you then you know that he is possibly over you. But if you two meet then he makes his way to greet you and acts nervously while doing it then you know that he is still interested in you.  

If you keep meeting him in public places and his initial reaction to run away from you then just know that this is not a good sign.

He keeps in touch with your friends and family

Another way to answer the question, does he still love me is to check if he still keeps contact with any of your friends and family.

When a guy is completely over a girl he will not have any difficulty cutting all ties with her and anything associated with her. This includes family and friends.

If your guy is still in contact with them you can use this to your advantage. Ask your friend what they talk about. You will probably lean that they talk about you still and this is a sure sign that he is not over you yet.

You can then get your friend to verify this and start on an action plan to get your man back. He is keeping in contact with these people to keep tabs on you. This shows that he still very much cares about you.

You can get your friend to be in on this too. Tell her to motivate your ex to actually tell you that he still wants to be with you.


So when you do bump into him, do you find that he becomes touchy? This includes hugs and gentle embraces like touching your hand while he is trying to make a point.

These are all good signs that this guy is still holding a flame up for you. Take note of the way he hugs you. Do the hugs last longer than normal.

Then this is a person who longs to have you in his personal space. So he uses any chance he can get to be intimate in an acceptable manner.


The next time you ex comes across as angry and hurtful remember that it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. In contrast, he can only be upset over the fact that he loves you but things are not going his way.

Actually, if your ex acts normal it shows that he had long moved on from you. This is definitely not the reaction you want from someone you want to get back together with.

Anger shows that your ex is hurting and confused. Once it subsides we can hope for love to rekindle again when he learns to forgive you.

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